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These exchanges usually last one year, during which the student lives with more than one family in the host country and is required to
attend school there.



These exchanges vary from several days to several weeks; they often take place when school is not in session and usually do not include an academic program.


These specialized short-term exchanges last three to six weeks and are open to young people ages 18-25. This program may include
a vocational element.


Exposure to different cultures ranks as one of the most powerful ways to promote international understanding and peace. The Rotary Youth Exchange program provides thousands of young students with the opportunity to meet people from other countries and to experience new cultures, planting the seeds for a lifetime of international understanding.


The program offers numerous benefis to its young participants and their Rotarian hosts and mentors, as well as to the community at large. Through Youth Exchange, students learn fisthand about all aspects of life in another country. As their concept of the world expands, they mature and develop a deeper understanding of themselves. Immersion in another country’s educational system enhances their academic and personal growth. Host clubs and families and the entire community are enriched by extended, friendly contact with someone from a different culture.

Eligibility Requirements


Northern Thailand


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YEAR 2018 - 19

Be the Inspiration

YEAR 2016 - 17

Rotary Serving Humanity

YEAR 2015 - 16

Be a Gift to the World

Age 15-19 for the long-term exchange program, depending on the laws of the countries involved. Within this age range, exchange candidates’ ages must be agreed upon by both sending and hosting districts before fializing the exchange and in accordance with the laws and regulations of both countries. In some instances, students must be older than 15 or younger than 19 in order to participate in a specific program.


  • Age 18-25 for the New Generations exchange program

  • Ages set by district for short-term exchange program

  • Other age limits set by the district

  • Above-average academic performance

  • Ability to express oneself clearly and effectively

  • Demonstrated community leadership skills

Additional Considerations

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YEAR 2017 - 18

Rotary Making a Difference

YEAR 2019 - 20

Rotary Connects the World


YEAR 2014 - 15

Light up Rotary

  • Residency (within the sending district)

  • Adaptability (outgoing, confient, and willing to adjust to changing surroundings)

  • Potential for being an excellent Rotary ambassador

  • Complete and unqualifid support of parents

  • Profiiency in or capacity to learn the language of the host country

YEAR 2013 - 14

Engage Rotary Change Lives

YEAR 2011 - 12

Reach Within To Embrace Humanity

YEAR 2009 - 1o

The Future of Rotary is in your Hands

YEAR 2007 - 08

Rotary Shares

YEAR 2012 - 13

Peace Through Service

YEAR 2010 - 11

Building Community Bridging Continents


  • Suggestions for speaking at Rotary meetings (e.g., bring slides, pictures maps from home)

  • Communications with home

  • Role as a Rotary ambassador

  • Homesickness

  • Adaptability and cultural tolerance

  • Language training

  • Host families and sample questions

  • Cross-cultural preparation and

  • Research on host country

  • Exchange banners and pins

YEAR 2008 - 09

Make Dreams Real

YEAR 2006 - 07

Lead the Way

YEAR 2005 - 06

Service Above Self

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